Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thinking Tuesday

I know what you're thinking. That hoodie I'm wearing is pink. Yes, I know what color it is. Mommy wanted to see what size clothes I would need so she showed me this. I sniffed it, and immediately stuck my nose up at it. Pink? Not my color. But mommy insisted I try it on so she could buy me some more boy clothes.

Of course I fought a little. No boy wants a pink hoodie. Finally, she managed to get the jacket on me. I didn't want to admit it, but the hoodie was very comfy. Mommy must have some sort of sixth sense, because she knew I liked it and told me I could keep it.

I guess now I own a pink hoodie. Should I be glad or sad? I'm leaning towards glad.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Modeling Monday

Hi guys and girls, kitties and doggies, hoomans and aliens! The clock has just struck twelve and it's officially Monday. Mommy has this friend named Samantha who is practicing for her photography class. She has introduced me to something called "modeling," she insists it's for guys too but I still think it's a bit girly. I've already got peeps confusing me as a girl kitty! Gah. Anyways, Samantha tried to take some quick test shots of me. I was honored to be her first model. Really.

Samantha: Smile, Milo! *Snapsnap*
Milo: Oh.. wait. I think I blinked.

Samantha: Ugh, stop looking away, Milo. Look at me, look at me!
Milo: Excuse me? I refuse. YOU work for ME. Not the other way around.

Milo: Hey, you're the one who got their toe and leg in this picture.

After a while, Samantha finally gave up. She was mumbling something under her breath like, "I'm not payed enough for this." But whatever. I don't need her modeling shots anytime soon. It was cutting into my napping and chewing time.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Salutations Sunday

Hello, furriends! My name's Milo. I've just created my blog and Twitter so I can share my daily adventures with you all. Tomorrow I will start to post my journeys. I really hope you guys enjoy reading them. I'm working hard to get my blog started.

Most of you may know my mommy as @smokeythedog's mommy. I wasn't born when he was alive but he sadly passed away in January. Now mommy just got me and I love my new home!

Well, I do believe it is time for a nap. I look forward to being friends with you all. Bye bye!